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Protect your family from wasps and eliminate wasp nests

For professional wasp treatments and wasp nest removal, call the experts at Go Pest Bendigo.

Wasps, especially European wasps, are a significant safety concern.

Getting rid of wasp nests is best left to the professionals with specialist products and full safety gear.

For safe elimination and removal of wasp nests
Call the experts at Go Pest

What our customer say...

Our Professional Wasp Nest Treatments

More often than not locating the wasp nest is straight forward – often the customer knows where the nest is and is able to point out the location. However, we always check the property for other nests.

However, sometimes our customers have a wasp problem on their property and can’t locate the nest. This is particularly the case for European wasps. Often the nest may be underground and with European wasps able to fly hundreds of metres from their nest, the nest could well be on a neighbouring property.

We generally (but not always) like to treat wasp nests in the evening as the wasps are all back in the nest and generally calmer / resting.

For Australian paper wasps, we will generally treat with a direct spray, but for European wasp nests we will often need to blow insecticide powder directly into the nest. This may involve using some conduit (piping), to get inside the nest entrance.

If we suspect that the source of the wasp problem is due a nest on a neighbouring property, we will often set up wasp baits to eliminate the nest and control the problem.

Wasp baits use the natural wasp foraging behaviour against them. We set up bait stations with a food attractive to wasps combined with a slow acting insecticide. The wasps take the bait back to the nest where it is fed to the queen and other wasps, eliminating the nest.

After the treatment, we will remove nests on or in the buildings, as long as we can gain access. For nests underground, we will simply leave them in place to decompose.

How to prevent a wasp problem?

Preventing wasps building their nests on the outside of buildings can be achieved with a long lasting residual insecticide spray. Our general pest control treatment will cover the eaves of the home, preventing wasps building their nests under the eaves for many months.

It is not possible to prevent wasps building their nests away from the building.

The wasp season runs from Spring to Autumn. Keep your eyes open in spring for wasp activity as this is often the new queens looking to find a place to start building the nest.

Wasp numbers build up during the Summer and by Autumn their nests are at their maximum size. It will be quite obvious if you have a wasp nest on your property or nearby! 

A word of warning – in Autumn make sure you call us to deal with any European wasps on your property. European wasp nest can sometimes survive over winter and if they do, you will have a major problem come spring!

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