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Pest Control Spiders - Bendigo and Central Victoria

To get rid of spiders with a professional spider spray, call the spider experts at Go Pest Bendigo.

Even if you’re not an arachnophobe, spiders can be a bit scary. And if you have children and pets, the bites of some spiders can be a significant safety concern.

On top of which some spiders can make some very messy webs on the outside of your home which can be very unsightly.

Go Pest Bendigo have a specialised spider treatment to keep your home a spider and web free zone.

To eliminate your spider problem and protect your family
call the experts at Go Pest

What our customers say...

Our Professional Spider Treatment – The "Spider Spray"

Although most people would call it a “spider spray”, it’s really a professional spider treatment. What do we do?

  • Inspect your property to find the main spider hotspots
  • Spray the external perimeter of the home, including around windows, doors and eaves
  • Spray other external areas such as the shed, play equipment, garden furniture, BBQ and fencing Targeted spraying to any internal hot spots
  • Blow insecticide powder into the roof cavity and any cracks and crevices
  • If you home has a sub-floor, we’ll treat that as well!

Spider Control – How to Prevent Spiders in the House

Spider control isn’t always about spraying spiders, there are always some actions you can take to prevent spiders becoming a problem in the first place. Spiders are always present outdoors… there’s nothing you can do about that. But there are several things you can do, to stop them moving indoors…

  • Remove or trim back vegetation from around the perimeter of the home – bushes are preferred hiding spots and places to build webs for garden spiders. No one likes those large webs that garden spiders build across pathways!
  • Remove stored goods and wood piles from under and around your home – these are favourite hiding places for redbacks, huntsman and white-tailed spiders
  • Seal up any cracks and ensure you have good fitting insect screens around windows and doors to prevent spider entry Just in case spiders do get in, make sure any sheets are clothes are kept off the floors – huntsman and white-tailed spiders love to hide in tight spaces! 

A general pest treatment will also help keep spider numbers down – if there’s no food for the spiders, there’s no reason to hang around your place!

Spider Information

Bite: Redbacks are perhaps the most infamous Australia spider. Their bite is very painful – with over 2000 bites requiring hospital treatment each year. It releases a nerve poison, which can result in headaches, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and sometimes paralysis. If bitten, seek immediate medical help as anti-venom may need to be administered. 

Where found: Redbacks like dry spots to build their very messy webs (like a poorly made fishing net). In outbuildings, along fences, in wood piles, under rocks and in roof voids (they love downlights which attract insects) are their favourite hiding places.

Bite: Although it has a painful bite it is not very aggressive and tends to retreat into its web when disturbed. Reaction to a bite may include sweating, nausea and giddiness. Medical attention should be sought if a bite is suspected.

Where found: Normally found on the outside of buildings, where they build their webs around doors, windows and eaves. Their webs have a funnel like entrance.

Bite: The white tail spider delivers a painful bite which can cause nausea and burning pain. The bite site can become swollen and very itchy, but the belief that the bite can cause flesh to decay is a bit of an urban myth. There is nothing in their toxin that can cause flesh to decay. However, if dirt get into the bite and the patient scratches the bite excessively, bacteria can get in that can cause flesh decay. However, this can happen with any spider bite, not just white tail bites.

Where found: Outside white tailed spiders are typically found under logs and rocks. Insider they like resting under clothes and sheets on the floor.

Bite: Although huntsman spider are very scary – large and fast moving – they are actually quite timid (unless a female guarding her egg sac). Most huntsman can give a slightly painful bite, but are a very timid spider, preferring to run away.

Where found: Huntsman are normally found outside, resting under logs and the bark of trees.

Bite: The Funnel-web bite is extremely painful and fatal if untreated. It is capable of biting through gloves and shoes. It is a very aggressive spider and should be avoided. If a bite is suspected, medical assistance should be obtained immediately, as an anti-venom is often required.

Where found: Funnel-web spiders are typically found along the east coast and in the Great Dividing Range and are not normally found in Bendigo and country Victoria (only in Dandenong Ranges). However, there are similar looking trapdoor spiders and mouse spiders which can be mistaken for funnel-webs.

Spider bites

Follow the standard treatment for a spider bite:

  1. The patient should sit down and try to relax
  2. Clean the bite with water and disinfectant
  3. Apply an ice pack to the bite area (only apply pressure bandage for funnel web)
  4. If possible, collect the spider for identification
  5. Seek medical attention (especially for suspected redback, white-tail and funnel-web bites)
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