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Are dirty cockroaches
invading your home or business?

Pest Control Cockroaches - Bendigo and Central Victoria

For professional cockroach control and specialist cockroach treatments call the cockroach experts at Go Pest.

Cockroaches are disgusting and carry a range of diseases and allergens in their spent skins and droppings are known to cause allergic reactions and asthma.

It’s important to get on top of a cockroach problem quickly to protect your family from disease.

With 80% of the cockroaches hidden in their “nests”, Go Pest use specialist cockroach products to eliminate the entire population, even the ones you can’t see!

Call the experts at Go Pest to protect your family from disease carrying cockroaches

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Our Professional Cockroach Treatments

Before we carry out any treatment we carry out an inspection to determine the species present, the location of the problem and the potential causes.

Identifying their key hiding places and how they are entering the building are key to development a successful cockroach treatment.

For German cockroaches, it is especially important to identify as many of their hiding places as possible.

For large cockroach species, such as the American and Australia cockroaches we focus on the perimeter of the building, around drains and garbage bins, and in the roof void and sub-floor. Large cockroaches typically live outside and the treatment is designs to prevent cockroaches entering the building. We use a combination of sprays and dusts to provide long lasting protection.


For small cockroach species, such as the German and brown banded cockroaches, we mainly use cockroach baits, with sprays or dust used for spot treatments in areas where baits cannot be used. As these small cockroach species only live inside buildings, the treatment is focused inside at the sites of infestation. Depending on the nature of the infestation, a German cockroach treatment may require more than one visit.

Up to 80% of the cockroach population (mainly the young cockroaches) remain in their hiding places… and their hiding places can be difficult to locate. This is where cockroach baits come in, utilising natural cockroach behaviour to bring about their downfall.


Professional cockroach gel baits contain a highly attractive food matrix and a slow acting insecticide.


Cockroaches feeding on the bait do not die immediately but return to their nest. This is vital for success, as their vomit and droppings contain small amounts of the insecticide.

Disgustingly, other cockroaches find this vomit and their droppings highly attractive and in eating it ingest the insecticide and die, wiping out the nest.

As long as enough bait is placed near all the cockroach hiding places, the cockroach bait will be  spread amongst the population, ensuring complete elimination.

How to prevent a cockroach problem?

1) Make your home less attractive for large cockroaches:

  • Eliminate or trim back garden beds immediately around the perimeter of your home
  • Keep wood piles and other stored goods away from the building
  • Don’t store goods under the house or in the roof void… or if you do, only use sealable plastic boxes (not cardboard)

2) Prevent cockroaches entering the building:

  • Fill in any cracks in the floors, walls and around pipework
  • Make sure insect screens are well fitted
  • Check incoming packaging material, especially cardboard boxes, for cockroaches and cockroach egg cases.

3) Eliminate any potential food and sources of moisture

  • Clear up any spilled food
  • Clean down and under the oven / fridge regularly
  • Do not leave unwashed dishes out overnight
  • Do not leave pet food bowls out with food in or unwashed
  • Food should be stored in tight “cockroach proof” containers
  • Put rubbish into sealed bins and stack away from the house
  • Fix any leaking taps / pipework – cockroaches love moisture
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