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Pest Control Strathfieldsaye


Professional Pest Services in Strathfieldsaye from Go Pest

Go Pest Bendigo provide professional pest control services throughout Central Victoria to homeowners and businesses.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services in Strathfieldsaye, including:

Most of our residential customers find that having a general pest treatment carried out once a year (typically in spring) keeps their home free from unwanted pests such as spiders, cockroaches and ants.

Termites are active all year round, no matter the season. This is why it’s recommended to have a professional termite inspection once a year. To make things more efficient, many customers opt to have their annual termite inspection at the same time as their general pest treatment (which is more cost-effective too).

Cafes, schools and other local businesses in Strathfieldsaye need to have a sound pest management program in place to keep their properties safe for those visiting. Go Pest work with a number of business owners to tailor pest control plans that suit their specific needs. As well as ensuring their premises are kept pest free, we also make sure regulatory needs are met and all necessary documentation is current.

Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments and Termite Protection in Strathfieldsaye

Termites thrive in moist, warm conditions. A few good downpours and plenty of summer sunshine will see termites happily building nests and seeking out new food sources (usually wood) all year round.

Having a professional termite inspection every year is an essential protective measure that all homeowners must take. During an inspection, one of our professional termite inspectors will carefully examine your property to check for signs of termite activity (which to the untrained eye can easily be mistaken for dust or mud). Our inspector will provide a written report that outlines the findings and will give recommendations for ways to make the property more secure against possible termite entry. 

Installing a termite protection system is the most effective way to protect a home against termites. This usually means having the soil around your home treated with a termiticide or having baits placed in secure stations around the property perimeter – both highly effective options.

Homes closest to the banks of Sheepwash Creek are at significant risk of flooding. For these properties, a baiting system (using termiticide rods that are placed in the ground) is an excellent choice as baits have been designed to be highly durable, even in flood conditions

Key Pests in Strathfieldsaye

Termites pose the greatest risk to properties in Strathfieldsaye but there are plenty of other pests in the area too. 

For homeowners living in waterfront properties, or close to lakes or ponds, mosquitoes can be a problem during summer and early autumn.

European wasps (identified by their black antennae) can make outdoor areas unpleasant during the warmer months due to their particularly aggressive behaviour. Although tempting to spray them with the nearest can of fly spray, wasps are a serious pest that should be treated by a professional. Our team at Go Pest are experts in wasp removal and have the professional-grade products that eliminate nests quickly and safely.

For business owners and those living in rural properties, mice and rats are always a concern. Although most active in autumn when they take shelter indoors, having a year-round pest management plan is the best way to keep them out. Our expertise in rodent baiting allows us to deliver fast results, whether it’s for a residential property, a cafe, or a collection of school buildings. 

About Strathfieldsaye

The rural residential town of Strathfieldsaye is a suburb of the Greater City of Bendigo that follows the winding banks of Sheepwash Creek. Located around 9 km south-east of Bendigo CBD, it is separated from the urban area by the Kennington and Mandurang State Forests. 

Its proximity to Sheepwash and Emu Creeks made the land suitable for farming by the European settlers who arrived in the mid nineteenth century. Strathfieldsaye was populated by dairy farmers and those who grew fruit and vegetables for sale at the Bendigo markets. 

Today the town is an upmarket outer suburb that offers everything for modern families including a wide variety of sports facilities, a supermarket, several childcare centres, two schools and a medical centre. Built in 1869, the old Strathfieldsaye Shire Hall (pictured above) still stands as a testament to its modern history. The area is traditionally the land of the Dja Dja Wurrung people.

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