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Pest Control Maryborough


Professional Pest Services in Maryborough from Go Pest

Go Pest Bendigo provide professional pest control services in Maryborough, across Bendigo and throughout Central Victoria to homeowners and businesses.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services in Maryborough, including:

Many of our residential customers call us each year to arrange a ‘spider spray‘. This general pest treatment is a great way to keep unwanted pests out of the home and is effective for many months. The spray treatment can be carried out at any time, but springtime is usually the most popular time before pest numbers start to increase during the warmer months.  

Termites spend most of their time underground, making their presence difficult to detect. It is recommended that every home in Australia is inspected for termite activity every year. Scheduling a professional termite inspection at the same time as a general pest treatment is a good way to save time and money on these two services. 

At Go Pest we also work with a number of local business to keep their premises safe and pest free. Commercial properties can be hotspots for pest activity if not managed correctly, so we are proud to offer exceptional pest management services to ensure businesses meet and exceed their legal obligations. Pest management plans are tailored to each individual business, devised in collaboration with business owners.

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Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments and Termite Protection in Maryborough

In areas like Maryborough, where there’s plenty of rainfall, water sources and food, termites are ever-present in the soil around people’s homes. Termites develop complex tunnel networks that range many metres from their central nest, so even if there is no termite nest on a property, a nest on a neighbouring property poses a significant risk.

Having a professional termite inspection once a year is the best way to keep tabs on a property, to check that termites haven’t gained accessed without being seen. Termites leave very small clues, such as mud tubes (tunnels), that are very difficult to spot without a professional eye. During the termite inspection the inspector will examine looking for signs that termites may be present. The inspector will also identify any weaknesses in the property i.e. areas where termites might enter, or locations that might be particularly attractive to termites (for example, a wood source close to a source of water). A full report is provided to the homeowner detailing the findings and recommendations for actions to be taken. If termite activity is found, termite treatment options will be suggested.

Any home can (and should) have a termite protection system installed; this is the best way to secure a property against termites. Monitoring/baiting systems and liquid soil treatments are two of the most common types. Both are very effective at making it difficult to termites to access a property unseen. The choice of protection system will depend on the construction style of the property as well as a number of other factors. At Go Pest we are always happy to explain the types of termite protection systems we offer and recommend the most suitable option.

Key Pests in Maryborough

Termites are the biggest threat to people’s homes in Maryborough. The threat is higher here than in other suburbs due to the amount of bushland and parks in the area.

However, we receive plenty of other calls about other pests too. In springtime, spiders can start to make an appearance and this will often prompt customers to book in their annual spider spray”. This treatment makes the home safer for pets and families. A general pest treatment will also keep ants and cockroaches at bay, too. In the summer and late autumn, European wasps can ruin outdoor spaces with their aggressive behaviour, particularly when food is present. As with all pests, but especially for European wasps, a professional pest manager is required to remove them safely and quickly. 

As the nights cool down in autumn, rodents enter buildings looking for somewhere warm to set up camp for the winter. Rodent control can be a challenge but at Go Pest we have a range of solutions at hand, including baits, traps and monitoring devices. Together with our deep understanding of rodent behaviour and biology, we know how to eliminate rodents and keep them out for good.

About Maryborough

Maryborough is a two-hour drive northwest of Melbourne, in the Shire of the Central Goldfields. Being halfway between Bendigo and Ballarat makes it a popular base for visitors to explore the goldfields region. 

The Dja Dja Wurring are the original custodians of the land. When European settlers arrived in 1840, they set up a sheep station named Charlotte Plains. Just a few years later in 1854 gold was discovered 4km northwards, signalling the beginning of the goldrush. The settlement that was consequently established with originally called Simsons but later was changed by the gold commissioner to Maryborough, named after the same location in Ireland. 

When the last gold mine in Maryborough closed in 1918, cotton garment manufacturing became the main industry in the area. 

The town’s historic heritage buildings have been well preserved, allowing Maryborough to retain its old-world charm. People visit to enjoy the many cycling racks, forests, galleries and nearby wineries. Lake Victoria (pictured, left) is a pleasant ornamental lake home to a number of water birds, including ducks and swans. Every year the town hosts the Energy Breakthrough event, where students, teachers and local businesses race home-built vehicles through the streets. 

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