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Pest Control Mandurang

Professional Pest Services in Mandurang from Go Pest

Go Pest Bendigo provide professional pest control services throughout Central Victoria to homeowners and businesses.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services in Mandurang, including:

For many of our customers, having a general pest spray once a year is all they need to keep pests away. An annual “spider spray” will keep spiders, cockroaches, ants and lots of other pests outdoors where they belong. 

However for termites it’s different – they can easily enter a home without being detected. The best method of protection in this case is to have regular termite inspections by a professional termite inspector plus installing a termite management system. Having your home assessed once a year is the best way to check your home is free from termites.

Many of our customers choose to have their annual termite inspection at the same time as having their house sprayed, which is a good way to save time and money. 

Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments and Termite Protection in Mandurang

Termites need moisture, warmth plenty of food sources in order to thrive. With Bendigo Regional Park to the south and west and Sheepwash Creek running through the centre, Mandurang ticks all the boxes for termites. Each year, a king and queen termite will pair off in search of a new location to build a home, so the threat level remains high all year round. Having a regular termite inspection, at least once a year, is the only way to be sure that a property is free from termites, as they are experts at concealing their presence. 

When it’s time for the annual inspection, one of our professional termite inspectors will closely examine your property looking for signs of termite activity. The inspector will also note down any potential sites where termites could gain easy access, and will provide a number of recommendations for how to make the home more secure against termites. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the property is termite free, and to keep it that way! 

The surest way to protect against termites is to have a termite treatment. The two most common treatments are soil treatments (which usually means applying termiticide to the soil around the property) and termite baiting systems (which means installing termite baits around the perimeter of the home). The most appropriate treatment for your home will depend on a number of factors, such as the way the property was constructed, the soil type and environmental conditions.

termite protection system can also be installed when a home is first built. Many customers who are doing renovation work also need to have a termite protection system installed at the same time. Our team at Go Pest are always happy to discuss the different options that are available. 

Key Pests in Mandurang

Spiders are never far away, especially for people living close to bushland. To a wandering spider, a pile of clothes on the floor is just as attractive as a pile of dry leaves! The best way to keep spiders outdoors is to have a general pest spray once a year. 

Mandurang’s creeks and waterways are hotspots for flying pests, including mosquitoes and biting midges. During the summer it’s wise to wear long sleeves to minimise the chance of being bitten.  

Being a rural area, rodents are one of the pests farm managers and homeowners can struggle to manage without professional help. When rats and mice take up residence in a property it is challenging to get rid of them for good. At Go Pest we have a number of solutions for managing rodents, and we tailor our treatments to suit each specific situation. 

Of course, termites are the number one pest as they can cause significant (usually undetected) damage to a property in just a short period of time.

About Mandurang

Mandurang is a rural settlement at the geographic centre of Victoria that follows the banks of Sheepwash Creek as it runs north then east. It is a former goldfield settlement that was also previously home to timber cutters who felled trees from the Mandurang forest (which is now protected by the state). The name ‘Mandurang’ is thought to be taken from the Aboriginal word for black cicada.

Today, the area is characterised by farms and wineries, including the ten-acre boutique Heart of Gold vineyard. Mandurang has a recreation reserve, a post office, an arts pavilion and a public hall that serves its 650 or so residents.

Header image: Viatori/WikiCommons

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