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Pest Control Kennington


Professional Pest Services in Kennington from Go Pest

Go Pest Bendigo provide professional pest control services throughout Central Victoria to homeowners and businesses.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services in Kennington, including:

The majority of our residential customers have found that scheduling a yearly general pest treatment, typically in the spring, maintains a pest-free home. A general pest spray will keep many crawling pests such as spiders, cockroaches, and ants at bay.

Termites are a different story – they are active throughout the year, meaning a property is a potential termite target at all times. This is why it is strongly recommended that a home is inspected for termite activity every year. Many customers choose to combine their annual termite inspection with a general pest spray.

For commercial properties such as schools and cafes, Go Pest takes a collaborative approach. A customised pest control plan is developed to suit the specific requirements of the business, ensuring that we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. All the necessary documentation is kept up to date, regulatory requirements are met, and a pest-free environment is assured.

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Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments and Termite Protection in Kennington

Termites thrive in warm, humid conditions. Termites are active all year round, constructing nests and actively foraging for new food sources, typically wood. This can be timber they find in bushland or in people’s homes. 

Having a professional termite inspection every year is an essential protective measure that every homeowner should take. During this inspection, one of our skilled termite inspectors will conduct a thorough examination of your property to identify any indications of termite activity. After the inspection, a full written report will be shared that outlines the findings of the inspection, giving recommendations for further actions. If termite activity is found, a number of termite treatment options will be proposed. 

The most effective strategy for safeguarding your home against termites is the installation of a termite protection system. Typically, this involves treating the soil surrounding your property with a termiticide or placing bait stations around the perimeter of your property. Both are highly effective options that make it almost impossible for termites to access the property without being detected.

Key Pests in Kennington

Termites are the primary pest in Kennington due to the level of structural damage they can inflict on a property, although there are a plenty of other pests around too. 

After significant rains, mosquitoes can be a problem for those living close to Kennington Reservoir, especially in the height of summer. The warmer weather can also see spiders making an appearance indoors, especially running spiders such as white-tailed spiders and huntsmans.

Rats and mice are a problem for homeowners and businesses alike. They only need the slightest gap in a skirting board or around a penetration pipe to end up making a home for themselves indoors. Autumn is the peak season for rodents, when they retreat indoors as the temperature drops outside. Having a professional rodent control plan is the best way to keep them out. 

About Kennington

Kennington is a popular residential area around 3km from Bendigo that is home to families and professionals. Public transport connects the suburb to La Trobe University and Bendigo CBD and it has several parks, lakes and shops.

The main feature of the suburb is Kennington Reservoir (pictured above), a colourful nature reserve home to parrots and kangaroos that is popular with walkers. 

The Dja Dja Wurrung are the traditional owners of the land. The gold rush of the 1950s saw huge change in the area, with reminders of the area’s gold mining history still visible today.

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