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Pest Control Golden Square and Golden Gully


Professional Pest Services in Golden Square and Golden Gully from Go Pest

Go Pest Bendigo provide professional pest control services to homeowners and businesses in all Bendigo suburbs, including Golden Square and Golden Gully.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services, including:

Most homeowners in the area have an annual pest treatment. It is often called the “spider spray”, as spiders are the number one pest, but it will take take  of a range of common pests including ants and cockroaches.

Termites are also a key concern for homeowners and it is strongly recommended that a termite inspection should be carried out at least once a year. Many homeowners in Golden Square opt to combine their annual pest treatment with the termite inspection, to save time and money.

Go Pest also provide commercial pest controls services to the wide variety of businesses in Golden Square. Most businesses require a regular service plan which we tailor to meet the specific needs of each business. We also provide comprehensive documentation to ensure compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

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Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments and Termite Protection in Golden Square

Positioned on the outskirts of Bendigo and on the edge of bushland, termites are a significant threat to buildings in both Golden Square and Golden Gully. The risk of termite infestation is greater than fire, flood damage and natural disaster combined and standard home insurance policies do not cover termite damage.

Annual termite inspections are required to keep an eye on termite activity in and around homes. Our experienced inspectors will inspect the buildings and property, providing a comprehensive report on any detected termite activity, termite damage and conditions that may make a termite attack more likely. They will also offer expert recommendations on how to protect your home from termite attack.

Apart from any preventative measures, installing a high performing termite protection system is the best way to safeguard a home from potential termite attack. There are two main termite managements systems:

Soil treatments: Soil around (and under) your home is treated with insecticide to prevent termites accessing your home

Termite baiting systems: Bait stations are installed around the perimeter of the home to detect and control termites

Key Pests in Golden Square and Golden Gully

Termites represent the biggest threat to buildings in Golden Square and Golden Gully – they are capable of causing significant damage in as little as 6 months. The surrounding bush also provides a supply of new termites queens each year looking to start a new nest.

For people, spiders are generally the number one concern, but an annual general pest treatment, commonly known as “spider spray,” is usually sufficient to keep them at bay.

During the warmer months, homeowners also have to contend with the nuisance and health risks posed by European wasps. It is essential to engage professional services to safely eliminate their nests. At Go Pest, we possess the necessary expertise, products, and protective equipment to effectively remove wasp nests, even from challenging locations.

Rodents are the main pest during the colder months when they come inside seeking food and shelter. They can pose a problem for homeowners and businesses alike. Our expert knowledge of rodent behaviour allows us to deliver effective and safe rodent management strategies to deliver fast and long-lasting results.

About Golden Square and Golden Gully

Golden Gully, a suburb in Bendigo, played a crucial role during the Victorian gold rush in the 1850s. Gold was discovered in the Bendigo Creek in 1851, about 200 metres from the site of the Golden Square Hotel, sparking the gold rush that established the Australian city of Bendigo.

The discovery of gold in Golden Gully contributed significantly to Bendigo’s growth and prosperity during that era. It was one of the richest and most productive alluvial goldfields in the region, attracting thousands of prospectors from around the world.

Central Deborah Gold Mine developed in Golden Gully was unique because it was designed as an underground mine beneath a residential area. With an extensive network of tunnels and shafts, the mine reached a depth of 412 meters and produced over 29,000 kilograms of gold during its operation.

Golden Gully and the Central Deborah Gold Mine are preserved as an important historical site and major tourist attraction. Visitors can explore the mine through guided tours, experiencing what life was like for the miners who worked underground. The tours offer insights into the mining techniques used during the gold rush and provide a glimpse into Bendigo’s rich mining heritage.

Golden Square Bulldogs AFL and Netball teams are renowned, with the AFL team producing a number of top level stars.

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