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Pest Control Eaglehawk


Professional Pest Services in Eaglehawk from Go Pest

Go Pest Bendigo provide professional pest control services in Eaglehawk, across Bendigo and throughout Central Victoria to homeowners and businesses.

We are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services in Eaglehawk, including:

Many of our customers choose to have a general pest treatment every year, usually in spring, to keep unwanted pests out of their homes. Often known as a ‘spider spray’, this treatment targets cockroaches, ants and spiders – the pests that homeowners typically want to keep outdoors! Scheduling a pest spray each year keeps insects and crawling pest numbers to a minimum during the warmer months when they are typically most active. 

Termites, on the other hand, require a different approach. They are busy foraging looking for wood to feed on all year round, so a preventative and monitoring strategy is key to keeping them out. Every Australian home should be inspected for termites each year. 

Many of our customers opt combine their annual termite inspection with a general pest spray, as having the two services in one is efficient and leads to some cost savings. 

As well as residential properties, we keep local business healthy and safe by providing exceptional pest management services. Keeping pests such as rodents and cockroaches out of commercial properties requires expert knowledge, so we work together with businesses to develop individual pest control plans to keep premises healthy and pest free every day, year round.

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Termite Inspections, Termite Treatments and Termite Protection in Eaglehawk

Termites work hard all year round to find new sources of food and to expand their colonies. This continual foraging and building of tunnels in the soil means termites are a constant threat to people’s homes. 

Having a professional termite inspection is an essential step in protecting a home from unseen termite attack. It takes a professional termite inspector to identify termite activity, as evidence of termites can easily be mistaken for mud or brown dust. During the termite inspection the inspector will carefully examine the property looking for evidence of termites, whilst simultaneously identifying potential termite entry points. These will be noted in the written report and explained in detail, so remedial measures can be taken. If termite activity is found, a number of termite treatment options will be suggested. 

termite protection system is the surest way to defend a home from termites. The two most common systems are monitoring/baiting systems and liquid soil treatments. Both are highly effective at making it very challenging for termites to access the property without being detected. The choice of system depends on several factors, including the age of the building, construction type, climate and topography. The team at Go Pest are always happy to explain the options and recommend the most suitable option. 

Key Pests in Eaglehawk

Termites are always the top pest of concern in Eaglehawk. Properties near the bush do have an increased risk of termite attack, although the reality is that all properties are at high risk of termite damage.

During the warmer months, ants and cockroaches appear and are notoriously difficult to control without professional-grade products. Spiders also make their way indoors, typically after prolonged dry spells. 

Rodents are never far away and come autumn time, they like to make themselves at home indoors. They are particularly hazardous pests due to the diseases they carry in their droppings and urine, so it’s best to call in the experts. At Go Pest we can implement rodent control measures that will see rats and mice dealt with quickly and safely. 

About Eaglehawk

The suburb of Eaglehawk is 6km north-west of Bendigo CBD on the Loddon Valley Highway, and was originally the land of the Neangar people. The chance discovery of a gold nugget in 1851 opened the floodgates for prospectors, with the township of Eaglehawk becoming established in 1852. The gold rush saw the population explode and the construction of key monuments such as the town hall, post office and mechanics’ hall.

After the last mines closed in the 1890s, the population declined leaving just a few thousand residents. Today, the population of Eaglehawk is around 5,500 and is increasing thanks to the charm of the heritage buildings and the 35-acre Canterbury Park (pictured above), which exist alongside modern sports complexes and high street amenities. The suburb’s key attraction is the historic Eaglehawk Town Hall, which has become a community-run art house cinema in Brassey Square. 

The area is set to benefit from the $1.3 million City of Greater Bendigo project, which will see family-centred recreational facilities being developed next to the picturesque Lake Neangar.

Banner image credit: Bendigo Tourism

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