Termite Treatments

Termite Treatments

If you have recently had a termite inspection at your home, business or rural property with undesirable results you will need to put in place a termite management system to ensure your termite problem disappears as soon as possible and doesn’t return.  The best way to achieve this is through a professional termite control treatments.

Professional termite treatments are performed in a range of different ways, with a variety of different products.  They include the use of a combination of baits, foam, dust or liquids depending on the species present and where they are located on your property.  Termite management systems are the only way to control a termite problem, and if your property is at risk of further attack, prevention is the best approach.

Go Pest Termite Managment Systems That Provide Lasting Protection

There are two main types of termite management systems that we use to protect existing buildings from termites; liquid soil treatments and termite baiting systems.

Liquid soil treatments

This technique uses liquid termiticide which is mixed into the soil around your property to create a treated zone.  Termites that enter the treated area are either killed or repelled depending the type or product used.  There is a range of different products that we use for this method depending on the species in your area and a variety of other factors. Liquid soil treatments can last up to eight years if undisturbed and are the preferred termite management system.

There are two types of liquid termiticide;

  • Repellent termiticides
  • Non-repellent termiticides

The older type termiticide are the repellent termiticides. Termites are able to detect these chemicals in the soil and stay away from them. That means the termites remain active and unaffected, still exploring the area and potentially looking for ways into your home.

The newer termiticides are called non-repellents. Termites can’t detect these chemicals, sp as they continue to forage through the soil, they unknowingly come into contact with the product and die. Go Pest prefer to use Termidor, the leading non-repellent termiticide on the market.

The Termidor Genuine Transfer Effect

Termidor does not kill individual termites quickly – this is good news! As the termite cannot detect Termidor, before they die,  they carry it back to the nest on their bodies and pass it on to other termites, unwittingly transferring Termidor to their nest mates – the devastating “Genuine Termidor Transfer Effect”.

Not only does this magnify the effect of Termidor, it has the potential to kill the entire colony.

Termite Baiting Systems

Termite monitoring and baiting systems are a completely different type of termite protections system. They are ideal for situations where liquid soil treatments cannot be applied (eg. on sloping blocks or unusual construction types) or when a customer prefers a “green” option. Learn more…

Termite Treatments for New Homes

Popular types of treatment are available for new homes and existing properties.  they protect any penetrations like waste pipes, as well as using termiticides underneath the slab.  It is common to install this type of treatment on new homes in high-risk areas and is used with a reticulation system for re-treatments.

Some more common techniques for prevention against termites in the construction of new buildings include Graded Stone which is placed under the slab as well as around the perimeter.  Stainless steel mesh used around the edge and under the slab as well as the use of termite resistant materials and timbers is also common.

The HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System is a range of building products that are homogenously impregnated with Bifenthrin, a leading termiticide. The sheeting products are a patented single layer, extruded polymer that provides termite protection for the design life of the building when installed according to the label.

Most HomeGuard products are made from high quality polymers that are designed to withstand the rigours of construction whilst being completely non-invasive, non-leaching and environmentally friendly. 50 year warranty

HomeGuard Blue is a professional termite management system for new structures and extensions to existing structures. The purpose of HomeGuard Blue is to deter concealed entry by subterranean termites from the soil into a structure above the termite barrier as per AS3660.1.

Reticulation Systems for New Homes

TermX – New structures ( Retuclation Systems ) Slab


When building new structures or dwellings, TermX Replenishment System is equally suited to protecting your investment.  Being made of a rigid and specially reinforced wall material specifically designed for this purpose, TermX is ideal for use under metal reinforcing, concrete slabs, and new construction.  TermX was built tough to take the hardest knocks dished out during pre-construction installation.  The TermX Replenishment System is the only system in the world that has the unique ability to have chemical foam put through it.  What does this mean to you?  During the process of a concrete slab settling after being poured, soil subsidence occurs i.e. the soil under the slab subsides away from the concrete, leaving gaps and voids.  Realising this, the designers at TermX developed the system to enable the application of foaming insecticides so that chemical can be carried to the upper surfaces that other systems cannot protect.  This is a world first brought to you by TermX Replenishment System!



This system is easy to install, attracts low installation costs and is ideally suited for upgrading post construction termite management programs as well as pre construction and renovation termite work. The Altis reticulation system, which is an Australian invention, has been in hiding since 1992. It was the first Reticulation System approved by the NRA and the first Reticulation System to be included on a chemical label. Altis has been one of the first reticulation systems to obtain Codemark approval.

Why Is It So Important?

The most important thing to know about termite management systems is that they are intended to prevent termites from hidden entry into your building.  Although you may not have a termite problem now, it can happen to any home at any time.  It is vital to have yearly termite inspections to be able to protect your property and prevent unwanted damage to your home, business or rural property in Central Victoria.

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