Termite Protection

Professional Termite Control Services For Your Property

The chances of your home being under attack from termites are high, no matter where you live.  Termites are one of the most widespread problems for homeowners and are also one of the most expensive to repair.  The best insurance against termites is prevention.  The truth is that most home insurances will not cover the damage caused by termites.

Although many homeowners might overlook termite management, it is just as crucial protecting your home against fire, floods, and other natural disasters.  So, how do you protect your property against termites?  The answer is simple, call us today.

Termite Management Plan

Our team of professional termite control specialists provides termite management plans for home, business, and rural properties.  We are a local team who live and work throuout Central Victoria, and our knowledge of the area and the pests that inhabit our region is second to none.

For the best termite protection for your home a termite management plan involving three key components is recommended:
  • Controlling the conditions around your home to deter termites
  • Annual or biannual professional termite inspections
  • Installation of the termite management system to protect your building with lasting protection
Whether you are building a new home, renovating, or wish to start a management plan to eradicate or defend your home, our termite protection options will help you achieve your goals.

I Think I Have Termites - What Happens Next?

If you have discovered termites on your property, the best thing to do is not to disturb them any further.   Disturbing termites can force them into hiding making them even more difficult to eradicate.  The best thing to do if you find them is to let them be and call us.  It is much easier to eliminate them if you know exactly where they are, and even though you fear they could damage your property further, it is still best to leave them.   Once you call, we will arrange for a time to visit and set your mind at ease.

Regular Termite Inspections - the "Health Check" for Your Home

Annual termite inspections are crucial, especially if you have had termites previously, or are in a high-risk area  Your property is an investment, and termite infestations are expensive to repair.  Annual termite inspections should be on every homeowners “to do” list. 

Your annual termite inspection will include inspection of your home or business and surrounding property for termite activity and termite damage.  Inspections also check surrounding areas for any signs that termite attacks are likely.  Although the inspection itself does not stop termite attacks, they do allow us to set in place preventative measures to ensure your property remains safe against termites.

If you don’t already have a termite management system in place to protect your property, our Termite Specialists will provide options for the installing of appropriate anti-termite systems to protect your home or commercial property.

Termite Treatments - Eliminate Termites and Provide Lasting Protection

Go Pest Termite management systems are the best way to protect your home fro termites.  Our termite management plans reduce the chances of a termite infestation on your property.

If you have active termites on your property, the first step of the termite management plan is to eliminate active termites from the property.  We use a range of advanced techniques to achieve this, by using foam, dust or liquids depending on the species present and where they are located.  Once the termites have been treated the next step is to install a termite management plan to prevent further infestations.

One vital thing to know about termites is that even though they may not be visible, they could still be around or inside your property lying in wait to attack.  This is why it is so important to have a proper management system around the perimeter of the building.

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