Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

As a homeowner, you will know that termite inspections are one of the beest ways to save yourself money down the track.  Termite inspections play a crucial role in the protection of your home long-term.  Our team of termite professionals use the lateset in termite detection technologies to ensure your annual inspections offer ou the most benefit.  Our professional termite inspections don’t just provide peace of mind; we deliver necessary yearly health checks for our home.  Go Pest gives professional termite inspections in Bendigo and across central Victoria.

Termite Inspections - A "Health Check" for Your Home

In Australia, virtually every home is at risk of termite infestation, and the best way to prevent the attacks is by committing to annual termite inspections as a part of your termite management plan for your property.

Go Pest offer a range of termite inspections to suit your residential property, your commercial premises or your rural property against termites.  We follow up on our inspections with a management plan for termite control and also offer protection options to keep termites away from your buildings.  Regular termite inspections provide an opportunity for you as a home or business owner, to identify issues around your property that need to be remedied to deter termites.

Why Choose Go Pest For Your Termite Inspections?

Termite inspections are essential for the early detection of termites in and around your home and Go pest have over 25 years in the local area.  Our annual termite inspections help in the prevention of termite damage which can be costly.  Inspections will also help to assess the conditions around your property that attract termites and allow us to make recommendations for the best type of protection suited to your needs.  Annual inspections are recommended for standard risk homes.  However, if you are near bushland or have had termites previously, it is recommended that you have biannual termite inspections to ensure the best termite protection is kept.

Our thorough inspection includes the examination of all areas in and around your home, property and surrounding areas.  A complete termite inspection generally takes around 2 hours, depending on the size of your property and construction type.  If issues are found on site, we will assess and offer you the best options for remediation.

Termite Inspection Bendigo - What to Expect When We Inspect

Our team of termite specialists are experienced and use a range of inspection techniques, including the use of a moisture meter to detect leaks or areas of moisture behind walls. We also use Termatrac technology to identify any termite movement behind walls.

Our specialists will carry out comprehensive inspections inside and outside buildings, as well as roof voids, sub=floors, garages, and yards.  once we have completed our inspection, we will provide you with a report of our findings and advise if any further action is required regarding termite treatments and termite protection.

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